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YSU Chemistry Seminar Series 2018-2019

All seminars are held in room 3022 Ward Beecher Hall every Friday at 3 PM.

Refreshments are provided.

Room 3022  Ward Beecher Science Hall

Next Seminar:  March 22nd, 2019

Dr. Jeremy Kodanko

Wayne State University


Title: Illuminating Drug Discovery: Photochemical Control Over Inhibition of Therapeutic Targets


Abstract:  Photocaging allows for precise spatiotemporal control over the release of biologically active compounds with light. Recently, Ru(II)-based photocaging has emerged as a powerful method for the release of bioactive molecules. This seminar will discuss recent developments in applying Ru(II)-based photocaging towards biological problems. Our group designed and synthesized Ru(II)-based platforms for the photoinduced delivery of cysteine protease and cytochrome P450 inhibitors to achieve selective control over enzyme inhibition in living cells. We also report Ru(II) photocaging groups derived from higher-denticity ancillary ligands that possess photophysical and photochemical properties distinct from more traditional Ru(II)-based caging groups. In addition, we will report the design, synthesis and biological evaluation of Ru(II) photosensitizers with dual reactivity, where light triggers photorelease and photosensitization. These novel photosensitizers were conjugated to irreversible inhibitors of the cysteine protease cathepsin B, to develop new combination therapeutics for targeting invasive cancers.


 Fall 2018
 Date  Speaker  School
31-Aug  Faculty 1  YSU
7-Sep  Faculty 2  YSU
14-Sep  Faculty 3  YSU
21-Sep  Faculty 4  YSU
28-Sep  Dr. Will Pomerantz  University of Minnesota


5-Oct  Dr. Michael Young  University of Toledo


12-Oct  Dr. Carsten Milsmann  West Virginia University


19-Oct Dr. Wei Li  University of Toledo


26-Oct  Dr. Alex Guo(Cancelled)  Carnegie Mellon University
2-Nov  Dr. Greg Tochtrop  Case Western Reserve University
9-Nov  Dr. Travis Holman  Georgetown University


16-Nov Dr. Michael Smith Bristol-Myers Squibb


23-Nov  University Closed
30-Nov Graduate Student Presentations

Mr. James Omweri

Mr. Bernard Adjei

7-Dec  Graduate Student Presentations

Spring 2019
18-Jan  No Seminar
25-Jan  Dr. Philip Grandinetti  Ohio State University




1-Feb  Dr. Corey Thompson  Purdue University
8-Feb  Dr. Jill Millstone  University of Pittsburgh
15-Feb  Dr. Travis White  Ohio University


22-Feb  Dr. Tim Cook  University of Buffalo


1-Mar  Dr. Joe Simeonsson  YSU


8-Mar Dr. Onas Bolton  Octet Scientific
15-Mar University Closed –  Spring Break
22-Mar  Dr. Jeremy Kodanko  Wayne State University
29 – Mar  Dr. Pingyun Feng  University of California – Riverside
5-Apr  Open
12-Apr  Seminar 1 Students
19-Apr  Seminar 1 Students
26-Apr  Seminar 1 Students